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Hello! My name is JD Alvey (or Joseph, or Joey, or Yevla). I’ve been a tabletop gamer since my first game of 1st edition Dungeons & Dragons, twenty-five years ago, at the age of thirteen. I’ve been hooked ever since.

I’ve had numerous health problsm throughout my life, to the point where that if I listed them all, you’d swear I was making it up. I think growing up a sick kid contributed to my love of gaming. I was kept indoors a lot, sheltered from the outside world. I fell in with with a great group of geeks that I gamed with, all throughout high school. I still know these men today, and consider them my brothers. Gaming became an important bonding experience to me.

The first game I ever played was run by my friend Cameron, who lived up the road from me within walking distance in our little farming community. I was a human fighter named Troji. I beat up an entire castle full of goblins. I married a princess and got 5,000 xp for it. I had four swords; one was a fire sword, one was an ice sword that shot ICE LASERS!…I don’t remember what the other two did. I don’t think we were doing the rules correctly but I had a blast.

I don’t remember the first game I ever ran as a GM, but I think it was one of the games I conducted over the phone with my friend Gerard. He had a chaotic neutral half-elven druid, who was basically a crazed ecoterrorist who sought to burn down every city he came across. Not the most nuanced of characters, but again, we had fun. I still have his character sheet around here somewhere, as well as a couple of drawings that I made for the campaign. It was one of the first times I delved into art and writing of my own.

My current big campaign is called Spellscape II, it is a Spelljammer-ish campaign using the Pathfinder rules system. The first Spellscape was a short campaign that I ran way back in 2010. It was very popular, and one of my main players kept requesting it, so I brought the concept/setting out of the mothballs and am now using it for a new group I belong to. I’m currently doing write-ups on Spellscape II, I’ll do write-ups of part one at some point.

If you see me out and about in Louisville, KY, or at GenCon 2017, say hi sometime. My gaming schedule is currently full, but always shifting.

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