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Karl Wulfson (Clan name: Karl Ar Macc O Wulfhold)
Avvarian Hillsman Warrior

COM: -1, +1(for being an Avvar, rolled a 7 and it read +1 to Comunication)
CON: +2
CUN: +2
DEX: +1
MAG: 0
PER: +3
STR: +2, +1(for being an Avvar)
WIL: +2

Strength(Climbing) and Speaks Trade Tongue

Special Skills:
COM +1, Constitutuion (Stamina)

Primary: CON, DEX, STR
Secondary: COM, CUN, MAG, PER, WIL

Health: 30+CON(2)R1= 33HP

Brawling, Axes, Light Blades, Bows

LVL 1 Talents: Dual-Weapon Style, Archery Style

Starting Gear:
- Backpack
- Traveller’s Garb
- Waterskin
- Heavy-mail Armor (7, -3)
- Battle Axe
- Battle Axe
- Short Bow

Silver: 50+R11= 22 sp, 35 cp

Defense: 10+DEX(1)= 11
Speed: 10
DEX= 11

Short: Ride a horse (DONE), Use a dog/wolf to attack an enemy, Kill Dimitri (DONE)
Long: Find out where his paternal Grandfather, Minos The Great, came from as he did not originate from Ferelden. Minos was a adventurer, but after he had defeated a mighty variation of the Darkspawn from his country, he took off his excellently crafted armor and left it in the evil creature’s cave and wandered east to the Frostback Moutains, after reaching the foot of the moutains, he traded his Sword of Fire to a merchant to buy supplies for his journey over the Frostbacks. After reaching the small village of Calgaria, part of Wulfhold, Minos met Karl’s grandmother and they eventually had a son, Macc.

Although nobody has been able to tell Karl where his grandfather came from or even the direction he came from, Karl dreams of one day finding the great armor his grandfather wore and maybe finding the Sword of Fire.

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