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The morning began nicely my brother and I headed out of camp after a cold breakfast. The Marshall had said that it was time for me to start applying what I had learned and so we had left our little part of the world to see you what the greater world held. It was just a little after lunch when the day took a drastic change.

We were just coming around a hill when we saw a horrifying sight. At first my blood ran so cold as to freeze me in my tracks. Then all at once my training kicked I remembered what happened to my hamlet my blood warming to a slow boil. The village we had just come upon was under attack by the walking dead. I saw a small group walking around the hill from the other side as I urged my brother down toward the village. They hailed my brother and I but this was no time for four greetings.

Although I knew my brother would not be interested in saving the villagers for their sakes I also knew he would follow me where I went. And so we charge forward to remove the shadow of this blight from the land. My brother and I with help from the group from around the other side of the hill managed to make quick of the two zombies we had seen. At this point I noticed and greeted my brother of Heironeous.

I was just beginning to think that everything would be OK when one of the elves fell with an arrow in his chest. We all ran for the cover of the small hamlet. Trapped behind the building without knowing where the arrow came from I knew that if we did not find the archer and take him out quickly my brother would likely do something rash, he has never liked “being the rabbit” as he says. So I came up with a plan to run out in plain sight and see if I could draw the archer out giving my brother and new companions a chance to find the archer.

My plan did not go entirely as planned. I did not get very far before the archer did show himself unfortunately he did so by planting a narrow in my shoulder. It was more painful than I could ever have imagined. And apparently painful enough that part of my mind decided not to stick around and so I passed out. I must become stronger if I am going to be a protector.

I am not sure what happened next I awoke to find the Marshall of haronious over top of me telling me we should get to cover. I ran back behind the building with him. But I could see my brother nowhere. A deep dread entered my heart. My brother was now being the “wolf” and as such it would be hard to get him to be otherwise. He would much rather " be the wolf on the attack". As I looked for him I saw him charging the tower that held the archer. There were zombies closing on him from behind and who knows what within the tower. He was all alone. I ran back out grabbing my hammer along the way hoping to get to him before he was killed by the numerous enemies.

As I ran toward my brother the Marshall ran past me yelling " get to the tavern regroup at the tavern". I understood what he said but I could not leave my brother out here alone. The Marshall got to my brother much quicker than I did. And convinced him to retreat back to the tavern. We all ran to the far building as I came around the building I saw my brother facing me his weapon in hand and I could see in his eyes. He was done being the rabbit he was going to be the wolf again. He fought while falling back. Unfortunately the enemy was beginning to surround us. I called on Harmonious to clear our path and yelled to my brother that it was time to gather with the others. I ran back to the tavern and found that the door had been smashed in and was presently being repaired. My brother was not far behind me and once in the door was slammed shut.

Our merged group was now trying to merge with the group inside the tavern. Some were trying to find out what had happened before we arrived. Some were trying to repair entry points to room. There was a fair amount of animosity toward one of our newly formed group but the cleric Gabriel calmed things down. After doing what I could for the wounded and heard the tale of those who were inside before we came. My brother myself and Cypher Kaine created a plan that would hopefully allow us to defeat the enemy surrounding us.

I knew that waiting here was not an option. My brother would not stay the rabbit for long. Although I had a duty to defend and protect the peasants of this hamlet my brother did not and could not under stand why they would not stand up and fight for them selves. After ironing out the details of our new plan for the removal of this threat to the hamlet. We gave the plan to Kelaran Turath Denar to bring to the leaders of those within the tavern. At this point there was little for me to do and I would need my rest if we were to accomplish the plan. My brother and I retired to the rafters to sleep and ready ourselves for the night to come. I prayed as I lay there "give me the strength I will need to defend those that need it.

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