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Hello all,

I am an avid gamer, martial artist and general random stuff individual from California and lived 11 years in Baja California as well. I recently graduated from Georgetown University Law Center (after living 3 years in DC and gaming thru Skype with my gaming group here in California) with my Law Degree specializing in Intl. Trade Law. My gaming group plays 2-3 times a week in a variety of systems. I am the first one of my little group to stumble upon and use Obsidian Portal but I hope in time I can get my fellow GMs in the group (and my players) to use it.

Feb. 2013 Update:

So my campaign, L5R Changing History, just won Campaign of the Month! Thank you everyone for your support and I love the community here. Also one my players, Tesoe, is using OP now for his Pathfinder game so I am pleased to have brought someone else into the community!