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Savage Worlds has been my system of choice for the last couple of years. Great for streamlining the RPG prep and keeps the game rolling without bogging down in needless crunch. On the highly detailed side of the spectrum there’s The Burning Wheel. It has a lot of potential but have not played it as much but have both editions.

The most interesting settings/campaigns to me are alt-history loosely based on times ranging from the 1700s-1930s. I like the idea of clockwork and elaborate inventions with supernatural goings-on so my style fits in the “gaslight” realm of the Steampunk genre.

One of my mottoes in running a game – and as a player for that matter – is to take the plot through mystery into moments that have never and will never happen again. In other words, sure, we’ve all slain goblins – let’s not flog a dead horse!

I’m looking for more gamers to join my Thursday evening group. One of our key players is moving away.

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