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My current Game: My game consists of adult players ranging in ages from 25 through 57, with most players in their 40’s. My group and I have a lot of various gaming experience. I have a core group of close friends that I have been gaming with for over 10 years (some over 24 years), and one or two others less than a year. I enjoy meeting new players. I am looking for one or two players interested in a game with a good mix of rich adult role-playing and combat resolution.

My gaming experience: I have been gaming for over 30 years. I started with Basic D&D, shortly after word in 1978 Advance D&D came out and I moved to it. During this time I also played Gamma World 1st edition. Through the 80’s I was playing & running AD&D, Champions, and Gamma World 3rd edition games. In the 90’s I moved on from a player capacity to mostly running games. I progressed from D&D second edition into D&D 3.0 in 2000, which followed quickly by the patched 3.5 version. With the recent dissolving of the publication of Dungeon and Dragon magazines published by Paizo, WOTC dropping 3.5 for 4.0, and Paizo subsequent creation of Pathfinder, I have been running strictly Pathfinder material as my current favorite version of D&D. These are the main games I run. I have played a plethora of games over the decades. I usually run a weekly Pathfinder game, which we have taken a break from and am currently running a Gamma World 3rd edition weekly game. My short BIO: I am an educated, married, father of a 6 year old boy, corporate manager professional. I am not a freak or criminal, and bath regularly :)

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