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I am known as Serpenthelm. Born of a human female and relatively young elf. Their mixed race union has been long and loving. He will outlive her of course and still looks adolescent in comparison to her 60 years but they remain devoted to each other and their three children Elsbeth the oldest, Zirul, then, me. They have tried hard to spare us the scorn of Scarn in regards to half-breed children. I cannot help but be upset by the violence and unfairness we experience as half-elves or other half-breeds for that matter. I’ve chosen to train myself well and roam about helping those with a noble cause….or what ever cause suits me best. This colossal titan war has changed all the players and now it’s tougher than ever to get around town – so to speak. Better to find a group of like minded individuals to roam around with since there is always safety in numbers and of course, its always nice to have interesting people around to talk to.

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