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"-I'm seeking help.

-Mmmh. Okay, where do you go?

-Remember the goblins at the gate? I go there and I call them for help.

-The goblins?

-Yes, that's what I do."


And the time of sharing has begun for us. We are retro-gamers, old school retro-gamers of 0ED & 1ST ED Dungeons & Dragons. Just we play it with different systems, we play it with all the retro-clones, right, including the brilliant Swords & Wizardry, Labyrinth Lord, OSRIC and Castles & Crusades but we also play it different with the brand new Pathfinder RPG and the fast & furious Savage Worlds system. After having played Basic modules with Savage Worlds and The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh series with Pathfinder RPG we came to one conclusion: not only are all these systems good for retro-gaming but they match together in a great way. It takes creative thinking, a bit of tweaking, odd stat blocks and the like but… It works.


What we intend in our sessions is to get back to the root. Oh the joy of having to invent something on the spot because no rule ever covers it when you play Swords & Wizardry or the pleasure of describing the very same thing with the intricate mechanics of Pathfinder RPG. We tried it and it works. Hence our conclusion: it's all one, man.


Do you remember the Sanctuary boxed set? It was called Thieve's World. It even included Traveller stats for some NPCs. That's what we try to achieve in a pacifist way: designing adventures anyone can play. And show how it works. And show it here, sharing our adventures by the way.

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