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I am a third year 3D Digital Graphics student going to University in Upstate New York. I have worked on Video Games before, one of which actually went to the 2011 Gamer’s Development Conference. I’m also working towards a minor in Criminal Justice. I am overworked, constantly tired and I don’t eat enough (I don’t actually believe that last one, but that’s what people tell me), but I always have a smile and a hug for people – I have a high charisma score.
I love history, especially civil war history and at one time my goal in life was to be a fighter pilot, but some chronic injuries have kept me out of that field. (My favorite TV show is Dogfights and I am hyper and totally have ADD)

I’m adopted from Romania (Where vampires don’t sparkle), but I’ve lived most of my life in the south. I moved up to upstate New York a few years ago and at the time I thought DnD was lame and only loser geeks played it. Through a series of entertaining events I found myself in the arms of my current DnD group and for the last ten months they have been grooming me to be one of the best players out there. I have DMed for Anime USA and I’m currently finishing up a series of homebrew content and rules for a campaign that I’d like to get started. I have gone to the side of sexy geeky nerds and I am never turning back.

I’ve been incredibly lucky with my DnD crew, these guys are so far the first and only group I’ve ever played with and in the course of ten months they have transformed me into a complete geek with a working knowledge of a little bit of everything in the 3.5 universe. I had past experience with role playing games, so jumping into the world of table top role playing actually wasn’t difficult for me, now if I’m left to my own devices I will homebrew the hell out of everything and completely make it my own, I’ll also start concocting my own subplots to weave into the primary plot. I’m dangerous like that.

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