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Hello Everyone,

I have been gaming for over 18 years now starting with 1st edition and working my way up. I have dabbled with 4th edition but don’t know enough about it to make a working game. I have been a GM’ing for just about 8 years.

My last gaming group fell apart after some situations beyond control and I would like to start up another group. I really enjoy being a GM and playing as well. I enjoy teaching people the game as well as having experienced gamers in my group as well. I do like to keep the Meta gaming at a minimum but we all know that it happens and I am ok with that.

I would like to get a group of 3 to 5 people together to play. Anymore then 5 and I find it distracting. Any less then 3 and its too hard, unless you play multiple characters at a time.

I am looking for a group to play on Sunday or Monday. I would like a good mix of people i like groups that are bigger then 2 and smaller then 6 it just gets to hecktic with more people and stagnet with less then 3. I like playing mixed classes like mage/priest and rogue/pali. I am familure all classes and enjoy being a pick up not knowing what i am going to play untill everyone else picks there most fun class. i can adapt from being heavy roll play which i like but dont get very often to hack and slash non stop there both fun.

I have the 3 core rule books
Complete Arcane
Complete Mage
Complete Warrior
Complete Psyonics (both the normal and expanded)
Complete Scoundrel
Sword and Fist
Tomb and Blood
Book of Exaulted Deeds
4th edition PHB
ShadowRun main book
SR Cannon Companion
SR Man and Machine

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