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Thinking back on it now, it was almost like it was yesterday. That horrible, HORRIBLE night… When I was only 11 years old, my parents decided to take a vacation to get away from our hometown of Duvic. Being Dwarves, our idea of a “vacation” isn’t exactly what you would think. Instead of going on some over-blown trip to the sea, or relaxing in some fancy inn, they decided to camp out in a forest not too far from the town. It was a nice place I guess, if you could somehow ignore the huge mountains blocking any sort of “magical” sights to be seen. If only there actually was, then maybe that night would be at least a bit more bearable to recall. After my parents finished setting up, they decided to go on to bed and of course, being the rebellious kid I was, I stayed awake, against my parents orders of course. I had thought that staying up would be the “cool” thing to do, little did I know, the “cool” thing to do would end up being the cause for my parents deaths. That night, a few hours after they had all fallen asleep, a fairly large squad of Goblins were out scavenging for food and any other supplies they might need. When they had spotted our campsite, they were fairly friendly in how they maneuvered around. Well, as friendly as the idiotic freaks could be. Of course, until they spotted little me, snooping around for bugs and other stupid things. They must had taken my snooping as a sign of a sneak attack because they attacked right away. The torches they were carrying were dropped as they were pulling out their weapons and started charging towards me. I tried to scream but nothing would come out, all I could do was run. I ran, and ran, and ran, as fast as an 11 year old dwarf could. I managed to escape to a small cave on the side of a nearby mountain, only to see that the forest had caught fire. After the Goblins had passed, I jolted over to the campsite, ignoring the flaming branches and toxic smoke quickly surrounding me. When I had gotten there, it was too late. The area had been completely destroyed, all I could see was flames. I remember hearing the screams of my parents, as they were being roasted alive right before my eyes. I stood there for what felt like an eternity, completely disregarding the heat of the flames, and the smoke filling up my lungs. I suppose that the shock of seeing my parents burn alive had really shaken me up pretty bad. I had soon been awaken by the calling yells of a passerby wizard. I don’t know how I began to move, but I just did, my legs were moving on there own. When I had made it to safety, I lost consciousness and fell straight down on my face. The wizard had taken me back to Duvic. By the time we had gotten back, I regained consciousness and was immediately interrogated as if I had caused the forest fire. After I told all I knew, the wizard told me his name was Ilsorai and that he actually owned an orphanage and invited me to stay until I could be out in the world myself. After 15 years of staying in that awful place, I set out on my own to become a Master Ranger just like my father had been. I spent 5 years out in the mountainside training and learning the ways of a Ranger. After those 5 years had become mere memories, I decided to head back to town for some relaxing time. At 31 years of age, I had finally tasted my first drop of beer. A decision that I would soon regret in the coming days. A lot of interesting people come and go from the pub, telling me stories of ferocious beasts, and unimaginable riches yet to be discovered. Being the drunken fool I was, the next day I had decided to hunt down a beast known as “The Black Fang”. A fierce dragon that was killing and eating the local livestock. Little did I know that I would run into a childhood friend from the orphanage, as well the son of the famous wizard Ilsorai that saved me years before, his name was Sentric. Blech, the guy was the “Big Hero” type. Always wanting to help and protect people. Ignoring his own needs for the needs of others, always motivating and speaking about “a truly peaceful world”. As if, just thinking about it myself made me sick. After discovering that we were both on the same journey, we decide it would be best to venture together. I tried my best to get him to back off, but I suppose my tongue of lies couldn’t break his helpful nature. So here we stand about to enter into some random cave that I had only heard about yesterday. So taking in one last breath I dive into the unknown…

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