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Dungeon Master for over 30 years, and have run the same campaign for almost 20 of those years. Even after all this time, it is still evolving. I’ve had the fortunate luck of having good players throughout my gaming experience. Right now, I run a modified home ruled D&D 3.5 campaign world, with a focus on realistic epic heroism. It is a moderate magic campaign, which excludes alot of extra content that, IMHO, breaks a campaign game. Events that occur in game have observable impact on the game world. That said, even if players decide to do nothing, the world doesn’t statically exist, and eventually someone or something will come along and take care of it instead. Equal parts of combat, plot (what some would call problem-solving or puzzles), and role-playing. My game is fair and reasonable, and I will often solicit my players on many matters of game play.

I may come back and update or rewrite this in time, but this will do for now.

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