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Here’s what motivates me to sit down at the table and get my game on.

That’s an easy one, right? Of course I do it because it’s fun. It almost goes without saying. People play games… because they are fun. I am no different in that regard, though my uses and gratifications may not be exactly the same as another person. In board games, I like to execute interesting strategies. In roleplaying games, I like make interesting characters and see their stories unfold when put in interesting situations. These things are fun to me. It’s also fun to see other people do these things, too. Winning is fun, too, but honestly, I’d rather lose by a small margin than win by a huge one. Why? Because that usually is not fun, even for good sports. And I have the most fun when others are having fun, too.

Mental Exercise
Some games, particularly strategy board games, are a kind of mental calisthenics. Just think about it: you are introduced to a closed system that has its own unique rules. You have some finite amount of resources (which could be time or moves), most likely roughly equal to your opponents. With these, you are tasked to employ a strategy better than your opponents, possibly having to employ tactics against them whilst they work against you. This requires and develops reasoning skills, forethought and the ability to predict what opponents will choose. Have you heard the quip “The brain is a muscle; if you don’t use it, you lose it”? That kind of sums up my feelings about that.

Unless you play solitaire games exclusively, gaming is a social activity. Whether just playing something with my wife, or my kids or friends, I appreciate having a fun activity in which to participate. I am a social creature and games allow you to interact with anothers on a different level. My wife and I often have great conversations over a game. When meeting new people, I find a game can be a good icebreaker. Many of my friends I actually met because we gamed together…