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All I have to say for now is that I am working on a new 3.5 edition d&d campaign. I find the 3.5 system to be a smoothed out version of the 3rd edition and a very useable roleplaying system. As I have been playing D&D for the last 29 years since I was to young to really know what was going on and had the Monster Manual memorized before I got out of Elementary School I would say that I have been inspired by the concepts of D&D since my very first exposure to it at a very young age. I found it to be something of my form of art and ability to express myself through that medium but of course have played many different RPG’s throughout my life along the way. Sadly, I never bothered trying to play a medieval style of RPG with any other system besides D&D and so did not realize until a few years ago that my style of storytelling did not fit the actual D&D system. So with that in mind I am trying to take my favored form of RPG’ing and make it into a more fluid and freestyle system. There are currently two systems I know of that already do this and do it very well but I would not be able to convert all of my D&D inspired ideas from my childhood to a different system and I have decided to rework all that is known of the D&D system instead. So far, it has been about 3 years since I began working on this although I did not originally start out reworking the system and was not aware of what I was trying to do until about 2 years ago. Since that time the scope of what I was trying to change continued to increase and become more complicated. I am only now actually beginning to see the possibility of completing the actual idea I have.
As far as personal information goes there is little to nothing of interest to include here at this time.

Sixteen months later and I have made considerable progress as I would hope. Through dramatic and traumatic changes in my life I have had little time for roleplaying but have spent a lot of free time working on my ideas. I have broken the D20 system down into a point system to allow me to be more creative and flexible with my ideas and to allow characters to be less restricted and more roleplay based. I have built large parts of my world as well redesigned many classic creatures of d&d into something more fitting for todays roleplay with more depth, character, and purpose in the world. If only it didn’t feel like I was going to need another sixteen months to get all that writing wrapped up. They have come up with a new system and made my system obselete since I began and there is still lots of work to be done. On the other hand, there still needs to be a system that is more free flowing and easier to adjust based on personal whims and it is beginning to look like my stuff has compatibility with the new 4d system.

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