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I’m a freelance writer, a long-time gamer, and a devoted tabletop RPG player. I’m up for any setting, any ruleset, and any sort of group—in fact, I only have one rule: Don’t be an asshole. :) The game is so much more fun when everyone is working together, not arguing.
I love to DM as much as play, though I’d really like to be a player in at least one campaign.

My personal DM style has a couple of basic principles:

- “Just say yes.” If it is at all feasible, not completely game-breaking, and even remotely creative, I will do my best to say yes to player ideas/suggestions. This doesn’t mean I always say yes, or that I’m a doormat. However, it does mean that my games allow for much more open-minded freedom than just what’s present in the base encounter. I don’t mind compensating for player creativity—in fact, I love it.

- “Shut up and play.” A reasonable rebuttal is one thing—but what the DM says is law. I don’t fight with a DM as a player, and I demand the same courtesy. Glaring breaches or omissions aside, this is a cooperative experience; everyone in my group is to treat the others as allies, and respect the decisions made.

- “Respect yo-self. Na na na na na na na…” Seriously, though. Mutual respect is the basis of any good group. Don’t lower yourself to bickering over trivialities, and always remember that everyone on both sides of the screen is human.

See? Easier to sum up by just saying “Don’t be an asshole.” ;)

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