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LordEverlast's Bio

Real Name: Zachary Tomsfield
Aliases: Zane Everlast
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Black)
Age: 23
Height: 6’1
Weight: 200 (?)
Alignment: Neutral
Deity: Meteos
Homeland: Random Farm Village

Born Zachary Tomsfield to Jonathon and Mur’mur Tomsfield, Zach grew up the son a farmer and brother to two older brothers, one younger brother, and five younger sisters, on the outskirts of Hamon, a small town in the southern part of the continent. The Tomsfield were a special lot in the all too normal social demographic of their Hamon. Though not possessing any magical talents, for generations they always managed to stay incredibly healthy and long living. Considering themselves blessed by the Gods, the family was a strong batch, working the fields, harvesting the crops, and so on. In their small town of Hamon and a little further outwards, they were known for being a much disciplined family and growing apples so delicious that even feared Equipahl would turn his gaze and not allow pestilence to thrive where they grow.
Zachary was nothing like his family. Where they worked the fields hard and dutifully, he ventured off on wild goose chases or, in teen years, harassing every short skirt who passed him by. Trouble maker, sweet talker, and charlatan were names given to him from an early age onwards. Unlike the rest of his family, who were all strangely in good health and smelled rather nice, Zachary shinned at random moments. Not a bright blast of light, but a subtle yellow shine. After reaching 13, Zachary began to grow extremely tired of the farmer’s life. Leaving a letter for his mother and father, Zachary ran away from his parents’ home and ventured off into the world, naming himself Zane Everlast. He spent the first year of independence traveling from town to town, earning money by doing odd jobs or selling whatever he found on his journeys. Though broke as 90 year old joke, Zachary found life as a bum freeing and better than the farm any day. Without his knowing, his latent magical powers played a great hand in his comfortable life style. As they say, it’s hard to turn down a polite sorcerer. Sadly, this led to him gaining the reputation of a womanizer.
In some parts of the world, Zane is not too welcomed, meaning he would have to hide himself. His exploits with human females, dwarves, half-elves, and gnomes are not too well like by those who, but loved by fellow perverts. Especially the tales of Zane and the half-Orc barbarian, Telsa, and his long encounter, and his first ever love affair, with the sorceress, Zarthania. At the age of 15, Zane became a lover of Zarthania, a powerful old draconic sorceress of 230 yrs, yet looking no more than 25. Extremely sexy, if your into scales and dragon breath. It was Zarthania who trained Zane, to a degree, in magic and told him that he was a sorcerer. She even alluded to knowing where his power came from though she never told. After years at her service and gaining her love, Zane felt his time with her was at an end and left without a word. It was said that she held no ill will until she found 4 of her 20 female slaves pregnant with Zane’s child and 6 more admitting to………not so normal sexual activities on the mistress’ bed involving griffin eggs, orc liver, troll testes, the tongue of a toad, and goblin eyes . After having the servants and their children killed, she has always been waiting for the next time she would encounter her lover, planning a reunion that would sure end in a gloomy ending….for Zane at least.
After that, and a few more tomfoolery encounters, Zane has been slowly trying to learn how to better control and advance in his own power. Living in the woods and off the land, Zane has been living as a true bum for years.

“A care-free, good for nothing BUM”, said by Telsa the half-orc barbarian. Despite being good natured at heart, Zane is not a being to accept great responsibility except in immense matters where his well-being is threatened. Though a family loving guy, he disregards any of the children he is rumored to have somewhere out in the world. (He has 29 kids spread throughout the world) He doesn’t drink much, but when he does it’s specifically to get completely shit faced. Even though he is a cosmic bum, he has always been found of people teaming up, though he has never been one to jump into a dangerous encounter without sufficient reason. (Sufficient being a magic love potion or some item that can bend the wills of others, to be precise females) His hidden love of the family setting is reason for this. Not knowing why, he has never found anyone who worships Meteos to be attractive in a sexual sense. Because being raised by God loving parents, he has a tendency to see anyone whom is strictly devoted to their faith/god with respect and a little admiration. Females whom devoutly worship a god are seen as a bit holier in his eyes, depending on the alignment of the deity. A lawful good god worshiper would be treated with more respect and vastly less lustful advances than someone who worships a god of evil, whom he would be happy to lay down in the hay with. Those who worship Meteos, he treats as if they are nuns or older sisters, even if they are years younger. He may be holy as a saint when dealing with a seer or priestess of a Lawful Good Deity, but turn into a hungry disgusting dog when dealing with normal women at the tavern. He doesn’t care for royalty. He would treat them like normal people if not for the chance of being beheaded. He never knows why or understands, though he knows he does it and tends to avoid temples of worship for the god. Less chance of have a good time, he wagers.

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