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Hi. You’ll know me as Libra on Shadownessence, Tier_Three on the White Wolf fora and alex_greene on the Mongoose fora.

Those who have copies of WoD: Dogs of War, Night Stalkers and the Hunter: the Vigil core rulebook will know by now that I am a contributing author to those books.

Currently working on setting up a WoD Hunter: the Vigil campaign for fun, and also coming up with a Traveller setting that I have submitted as a candidate setting for Mongoose’s Signs & Portents magazine. It’s a different flavour of Traveller, and it’s something I’d like to playtest before anything gets finalised (if, of course, Mongoose choose a different setting for their magazine, the setting goes to Free Traveller instead).

So I’ll be playtesting the new Traveller setting soonish.

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