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There I was, armed only with my wits and an umbilical cord. And then this jerk cut my umbilical cord! And I was left with only my wits. So that’s how I met my dad.

The only store-bought game that I’ve played is Earthdawn at length, formerly of FASA fame, now run by FASA Games and in it’s 4th Edition. Otherwise it’s been badly mangled versions of Gamma World & Marvel RPG (for which we did not have the actual books) and homebrews. Recently I played for a little while in a pathfinder game (“Legacy of Ios”) but that petered out.

At this point I am a Grown Man who has cut some umbilical cords of my own. I’m an art teacher, so my gaming availability is weekends, preferably during the kids’ naps or evening after they are asleep.

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