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I’m an elf… to be more specific, i’m an elf Ranger… My parents weren’t exactly the loving type, so sympathy… not exactly my strongest point. I do my job, i pay for things i need, and occasionally, i get to meet some really interesting types. I spend a lot of time outdoors, as, well, I’m not much into being inside. The sun and the wind and the stars and the moon are where i’m the happiest.

I don’t really care too much about what everyone else is doing, or why they’re doing it… because, well, it’s none of my business. I just live. I would like one day to see a giant – from a distance, mind you, not fond of the idea of being stepped on – and I’d love to see an actual ocean. (one of my clients talked a lot about the ocean, i was fascinated) But i’m in Vanderfell, born and raised. I highly doubt i’ll ever actually get out of here, it’s like one of those places that you can never really leave, because someone else always needs help. For the most part, i’m happy here, just always that lingering feeling that i should be doing something more, like i’m MEANT to do something great, just never got the opportunity. Then when my father died, i had to stay to help my mother, she always had a problem collecting meat… not eating it, but she hated hunting. Must be something in her druid-ness. But dad raised me to be a hunter, and well… i think i’m pretty darn good at it. I mean, at least i try. A few years after my dad died, my mom passed on as well… that was pretty hard. I kept looking around the forest, expecting to hear her singing or some silly magic thing… the wizards from the tel even came to try and help her, but they said “she died of a broken heart” yeah my ass she did… she died because she just plain didn’t’ want to live anymore. She wasn’t even old! She just… LEFT me… all alone. Well, at least i had the forest to keep me company, and then i found a couple of groups that hired me to lead travelers through the woods, which helped make ends meet, not like i had much expenses, but still, metal for arrowheads isn’t always the cheapest thing.

I like my little house, it’s… well, it’s my parents… i haven’t had much of a good time to be able to take down their decorations. I get home and well… i tend to get a little soppy and go back outside and sleep under the stars. Which is why i spend most of my time leading groups of newbie idiots from the docks to the city. and occasionally a silly dwarf to the caves.

But that’s enough rambling about myself, too many other things to do… Like keep a bunch of “adventurers” alive. sigh

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