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Matt from Tacoma Washington. Been marshalling Deadlands Hell on Earth campaigns for thirteen years. Current posse has been playing once a week for the last two years, making good progress. The characters’ posse is known as The Associates. Also active in the live action role playing game Amtgard which is in the spirit of the Lord of the Rings and Dungeons and Dragons. Within the game of Amtgard my homeland is the Shroudingmists which meets at Breseman Forest in Spanaway Washington. I am member of the fighting company the Templars and of the household Church of Apocalypse. Participate in airsoft military simulation tactical events including contemporary scenarios and Vietnam war reenactments/ living history events. Post apocalyptic film genre is rad and I have enjoyed the Fallout game franchise from the beginning. The Walking Dead graphic novel and television series has been fun to follow. Always down to play a role in a local film bit, I was an extra in the Syfy movie Bigfoot filmed last year poppin’ caps at the mean s.o.b.!

Looking for a Marshall in western Washington that would be willing to let me join their posse so I can actually play a character in Deadlands Hell on Earth (preferably classic version).

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