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I’m a veteran RPG players who’s been rolling dice almost as long as I have been walking. I love gaming online and traditionally as with tabletop play. Most of my experience in RPG’s comes from D&D 3.5, and D20 modern. I have dabbled in Shadowrun, whitewolf, Vampire the Masquerade, GURPS, Rifts, Pokemon, Naruto and most recently Pathfinder. About six years ago I began my first full length 3.5 adventure in a play by post environment. opened the door to the experience of pbp gaming. There are some incredible writers I met on that website and it fueled the game, along with it’s inspirational roots in Baldur’s Gate, to span over a year in solid gaming time. I have since DM’d for numerous games in other game systems in worlds that were either entirely my creation, or borrowed upon ideas from FF7, Naruto, Magic The Gathering, Mass Effect, Die Hard series, and countless other sources. Currently I run two separate but linked sci-fi freeform games in a play-by-post environment. I’ve been tabletop gaming with about six guys around my age or older, using the Pathfinder system. I’ve come to appreciate Pathfinders simplicity, and noticed the similarities between it and D&D 3.5. My current tabletop group are mostly active duty military and are deploying soon. I am looking to get back into the tabletop scene after they leave though, and have begun to construct a Pathfinder campaign for a group of 4 to 6 Lv7 PC’s.

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