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Replacement if Giuseppe dies
Discord name(full): megatokyofan666#9032
Obsidian Portal Username: Megatokyofan666
Character Name: Garland Ironmonger.
Race: Lizardfolk
Class: Paladin/druid
1st Faction Choice:
2nd Faction Choice:
3rd Faction Choice:
Deity (if any) : Green Pantheon
Garland’s catch phrase is Sphinx of Black Quartz, judge my vow.

planning to first go 4 into ranger,for beast conclave, then 5 into fighter, for cavalier archetype, then 4 into one of the below stuff. after that, get 2 levels into ranger, for greater favored enemy, then 6 into fighter, to finish out with Hold the line.

C҉͕̮ͅhi͖͠ͅḽ͡d͓̘̖ ̖̜ͅo̰͍͉f̳͓̮ ͍̯̤M̛̰̱ạ̺d͏͉ͅṇ̲̜e̶̬̝ss̻͙ : Cleric1/warlock 3 – Knowledge domain gives 2 languages and proficiency in 2 skills, and proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make that uses either of those skills,
3 cleric cantrips and few spells. Eyes of rune keeper.Aspect of
the Moon. 2 warlock cantrip and few spells, pact of tome gives
3 of any cantrip. Then Great old one for awakened mind.

third character is a Proficiency Hog, fourth character is a Minotaur Barbarian, fifth character is a kobold shadow sorcerer.

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