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Been a gamer since I was given a copy of the old “red box” at the age of around 10, played through basic, 1st Edition, and 2nd Edition. Had a break and have now got back into D&D with 4e earlier this year.

Away from gaming I’ve just passed my 40th birthday and enjoying every minute of it with frequent visits from my grand-children (especially as I get to send them home at tea-time LOL).

I’m a big fan of fantasy fiction, especially the books of R A Salvatore, Terry Brooks and Terry Pratchett (I’ve even had the honour of having 2 of my own short discworld based stories put up on the “official” discworld fan fiction website (http://www.lspace.org/fandom/fanfiction/dw/). Also a big fan of Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake and Merry Gentry series’ and the True Blood and Sons of Anarchy tv series’.

Watch most sci-fi, especially Star Trek (all settings), Stargate (from SG1 to Universe), and Sanctuary.

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