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Minazuki’s village was in a plush forest to the western edge of Silvanesti proper. His cleric family was living in peace and meditating on new types of magic to bring about a new generation of healers. An unknown enemy to the Qualinesti came upon the land in search of this magic, knowing it could lay waste to their plans of global domination. A blast of molten lava shot through the center of their village and caused a giant volcanic eruption to spring forth from the ground. Legions of Treants emerged from the crevices of the molten disaster. They slaughtered his friends and tortured his master in front of him. Minazuki was only saved by an exceptionally powerful sanctuary spell his master was developing. The spell could not be broken by any of Minazuki’s training, he could not even move. The leader of the treants, Ki’thyr, taunted Minazuki by slowly dismembering his master in front of him. Ky’thyr sliced off his master’s skin and wore it like a cape as a trophy. Leading his troops back into the pits from which they arose, Ky’thyr smiled back at Minazuki and motioned towards the darkness of the earth, inviting him to a battle. Minazuki has been on the hunt for Ky’thyr every since.

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