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Mirysis's Bio

Full Name: Fëanáro Beleron
Nicknames: Mirysys

Apparent Age: 24
True Age: 1,501
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Skin: Pale Aqua
Eyes: Vivid Bright Cyan
Height: 6’7”
Weight: 177 lbs
Body Composition: Thin and Agile
Mental State: Enlightened

Place of Residence: Roaming
Place of Birth: Kephalai
Known Relatives:

Mother: Nissa Revane (elf)

Father: Jace Beleron (human)

Friends: no known friends

Enemies: Dwarves, Orcs, (any of the less intellegant races)

Group/Guild affiliation: Jade Blade
Guild Rank:

Religion/Philosophy: There is no Religon, only science

Occupation: Carpenter
Weapons of Choice:

Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown
Favorite Foods: Sushi
Favorite Drinks: Enbalming fluid
Favorite Colors: None preferred
Hobbies: Alchemy

Physical Features: Pale, usually concealed by his robes, his eyes glow a vivid eerie cyan with red retnias

Special Abilities: Arcane Magicka
Positive Personality Traits: Vast intelligence and rich insight
Negative Personality Traits: irritably and anti social behavior
Misc. Quirks: deathly afraid of dragons

Played by What Famous Person:
Jyrki Pekka Emil Linnankiv (lead vocal of the 69 eyes)

Theme Songs:
“Enemy” By Sevendust
“Heroes of our time” By Dragonforce


The only known fact about Fëanáro are his parents and origin. All other information has been kept quiet by the Jade Blade

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