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Who is this insatiable creature with a lust for the nerdery?

It was never easy for Bella. She was born a poor black child. She remembers the days, sittin’ on the porch with her family, singin’ and dancin’ down in Mississippi … wait, that was Steve Martin in “The Jerk”.

Bella rages. A LOT. She’s a raging: nerd, blogger, designer, gamer, crafter, and geek girl. She also obsesses, a lot, about: elipses, tattoos, bubbles and sometimes cheetos. Bella is a child of the 80′s, more specifically, a child of the 80′s action flick – which can be construed as the cause of her rage and her love of cussing like a sailor (children, beware).

When she’s not writing, coding, designing or cussing, Bella surrounds herself with artists of like mind and interests (mostly, boobs). And when she’s not spending her time losing followers on twitter because of her foul mouth, she’s in public drinking craft beers, talking loudly about boobs and losing followers because of her foul mouth. She has an unhealthy obsession with all things Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Bella tends to over sexualize anything she can (follow the #gashtag during Twitter After Dark) and is a huge fan of dick and fart jokes. She loves dinosaurs (and Tom Hiddleston with Dinosaurs – see Hiddlessaurus.Tumblr.com), boobs, talking about porn parodies and burlesque (see Effie’s Club Follies, where she’s the resident Admin Tramp). Her closest friends are the rest of the Nerdery Public republic (which doesn’t say much for their taste in friends).

If you’re in need of a nerdy/geeky design – that comes with a little piss-n-vinegar – she’s your gal. If you’re in need of a buddy to rail against corporate douchebaggery, she’s your gal. If you’re in need for someone to shoot shit with on Battlefield, she’s very much your gal.

“My goal in life is to drink whiskey and smoke a cigarette while being called a “classy broad” and getting slapped on the ass by a stranger (my standards are not very high).”

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  • Dahara
  • Phelanar
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