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I’m a mature, experienced gamer interested in campaign- and story-driven adventures of exploration, intrigue, and character development (development, not progression). A solid, surprising dungeon crawl can be a fun part of that experience, but my ideal game is more like a novel wherein the heroes are the protagonists, whether for good or ill – they don’t need to survive, but they need to be “people”. I’m primarily interested in sword-and-sorcery fantasy in large, complex, and self-consistent worlds, but I’m also keen on the high fantasy, fantasy steampunk, horror (I’m looking at you, Cthulhu – no, no, wait, I didn’t mean that!), and superhero genres.

My fave reading over the past few years has been Steven Erickson, Clark Ashton Smith, Tanith Lee, Gene Wolfe, Glen Cook, Lovecraft, Robert W. Chambers, Edgar Rice Burroughs, the various Conan books, and then very hard sci-fi by the likes of Peter Watts, Stephen Baxter, Octavia E. Butler, Robert Reed, Greg Bear, and Ann Leckie. I especially like grim tales where protagonists aren’t necessarily likable and sometimes fail and die catastrophically, and where some of the forces at work are larger and more unknowable than can be revealed or explained.

I’m also deeply interested in game design and world-building, and would very much like to meet folks of similar bent serious about a big project of high quality. It would be amazing to collaborate on a setting of sufficient color and originality worthy of RPG publication, and as the basis for fiction. I’m not wed to any particular system of game mechanics – designing our own suits me just fine, provided it’s not inherently derivative. (In fact, I’d love to build a game from the ground up, reexamining many game aspects considered “a priori” just because they’ve been around for years or because so many other folks expect them.) I have three ideas in various stages of development (two fantasy, one superhero), but I’m open to yours.

Beyond that, I’d like to meet fellow Liberal nerds around my age (40-55) who’ve grown up, have bested or never fallen prey to the geek social fallacies, who revile Gamer-gate and the Sad, Rabid, or Angry Puppies (or whatever the puppy asshats are calling themselves these days), who like to chat about things other than gaming, and who enjoy the occasional quality craft beer.

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