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Started playing Role Playing Games in 1982. Played many RPGs over the years, both Pen & Paper and Cumputer based formats. I prefer RPGs that occur in a unique and exotic setting. I’m currently GM’ing a Post Apocalyptic campaign taking place in the Darwin’s World setting, entitled “Kennel For Hyenas”.

I will be creating a new campaign during the first half of 2013 called “Mutant Raiders of Lemuria”. The setting would best be described as “Dark Science Fantasy”. It takes place in Earth’s distant future where the planet has been torn apart by a cosmic cataclysmic event. The aftermath has drastically changed the geography and biology of the planet. Continents have sunken and risen. Most life was made extinct and whatever survived had become mutated. The dark energy released by the collision of a trans-dimensional fragment and the planet was the mutating force. This is a thematic mixture of 1st Edition Gamma World, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, and Conan of Hyboria.

Development has begun and this Obsidian Portal page will be updated periodically.

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