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A round 2003, i had just started my junior year in high school and was one of those kids who hung out in the corner with the other “out casts” of the school on lunch chatting with my freinds, when i saw a book that looked really odd: it was a red hard covor book with a big lizard eye on the front and said ‘monster manual’ . My curiosity peaked i asked if i could see what he was reading, he said sure and let me look at it. My imagination was instantly peaked, all of the weird and odd creatures that populated the book, some i recognized from fantasy books i read,others were new and amazing! fast forward during the summer of that year, up until that point i had been nonstop talking about this cool game i had found out about at school.
My parents rolled their eyes , my brother was getting anoyed with my endless talking but my aunt on the other hand had been listening to my rambling intently. So on my birthday that summer, i was gathered in the living room with my family,excited as any kid on their birthday would be, and my aunt hands me three large rectangular packages, all about the same size but each weighed slightly differently, puzzled i opend them first, and as i tore away the wrapping paper, i saw a very familier looking lizard eye starring back at me. I opened the second, and the third present and i had a huge grin on my face, i was given the monster manual, gms guide, and players hand book of third edition D&D, my keys to the world of roleplaying games and the start of my roleplaying “addiction”.

all that out of the way, i have been roleplaying for well over 11 years.
i have been in many campaigns, rolled countless characters ((my name is of my favorite!)), and have ran just as many games.
i have played in multiple different systems but my favorites at the moment are: most nWoD systems, pathfinder,numenera, and demon hunters the rpg.

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