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I’ve really been a geek my whole life (I had it bad for Luke Skywalker and Wesley Crusher when I was about 10). Science Fiction and High Fantasy (and any combo of the two) have always had an appeal to me.

I got into RPG’s in college, and I have been playing them for over a decade now (yikes!). D&D and Star Wars are my favorites, but I have also played various WoD (I prefer original WoD) games and Exalted. I’ve done some minor DMing here and there and tried my hand at writing stories in addition to drawing more RPG characters, faeries and elves than is probably healthy.

I also helped my husband develop an entire world/campaign setting for a series of D&D campaigns he has been running for years. This included new races, classes, theology, history, and geography, in addition to artwork and technical support. We have worked on it so long that it has been adapted from 3.0 to 3.5 to 4.0, and each adaptation has spawned a campaign that lasted 1-2+ years (real-time).

I am also the proud cat-mom of my fuzzy babies, aptly named Luke and Leia…

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