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Yo, this is Ookamikuro. I started off early with roleplaying. When I was born my parents were in a group called the Society for Creative Anachronism. It’s a medieval reenacting group sort of like a cross between renn fair and larding but with more historical context and documentation. Then when I was a bit older I got into forum role-plays, all fantasy action. In high school my brother introduced me to his DM friend and that started my journey into D&D. I played pathfinder for a while, which was very fun, but lately I’ve gotten pulled into a 4e campaign and after pathfinder 4e just makes you feel epic. I usually play clerics and rangers, though my last pathfinder character was a badass female fighter.

I’m actually looking for a group up near Humboldt State University, since I’m moving up there this fall.

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