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I’m the GM of a Middle-earth game using Cubicle7’s The One Ring rules. I’ve also posted here the writeups of the PCs’ first outing, THE TREASURE OF THE HOUSE OF DATHRIN using the HârnMaster rules in 2008. In that episode a party of seven dwarves (you almost couldn’t make it up!) retrieved a long lost hoard hidden in the Lonely Mountain with ancient Moria-lore so secret and so safe that it escaped the clutches of Smaug the Dragon. In 2012 we played THE MARSH BELL out of the back of the TOR book, with three of the original dwarves and three other chance-met heroes of Wilderland. And in 2013 I’ve been running A MURDER OF GORCROWS, an adventure in Dale-town and the Lonely Mountain.

I DMed D&D4e for The Fairy Ring in the Nentir Vale, through H1 and H2 — the Keep on the Shadowfell, and Thunderspire Mountain — but I won’t be running H3, and probably not any other D&D4e either.

I also briefly posted writeups of “Death in Laa”, a Cthulhu Dark Ages game run by Gary and written up (painfully ‘authentically’) in character by me. If you just found this by searching on that term, I’m sorry but it had to go offline to make room for the Dwarves, until I go Obsidian Portal ‘Ascendant’!

And while I’m here…

If you clicked in here you might be curious about my name and avatar and stuff.


“Osric” (“of Ossulston”) was my Anglo-Saxon character name when I was a living history and battle-re-enactor in the Middleseaxe (London) group of Regia Anglorum. The name had been haunting me for a few years (I think / presume from its use by RE Howard in the Conan stories, though I couldn’t remember that inspiration at the time) but I ultimately chose it because I often wore Ozric Tentacles T-shirts back then, so it would be easy for my friends to remember.
   I’ve been using it online since the mid 90s. It’s not a reference to the character in Hamlet nor to the AD&D clone, ‘OSRIC’.


I did this drawing years ago as a character sketch for my mate Dave’s MERP character, Frealaf. I took a photo of him wearing a borrowed re-enactment spectacle helm (thank you, Simon Kind) and then traced the drawing from it. (The dodgy beard is down to poor drawing skills, and was not a part of the original Dave!)
   So it’s not Osric, and it isn’t even me. But it’s my own work and I’ve been using it so long I really do kinda identify with it now.