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On a chance, He won the D&D Core Rulebooks in a comic book store raffle in Toronto, Canada.

He’s never played WoW, doesn’t understand what ‘DPS’ means, and doesn’t know the difference between 2nd Ed and 3.5e (or even what those numbers might signify).

He’s a writer by trade, a gamer by chance, and a storyteller by necessity.

Like many, he learned the DM trade from Chris Perkins, Jerry Holkins, and J.R.R. Tolkien (also Star Trek reruns).

His players (his wife and his wife’s best girlfriend) create their characters based on how sexy and bad ass they want them to be first, and everything else second.

He is Kiel Chenier, and he is the greatest Dungeon Master you will ever know.

…unless Nathan Fillion starts Dungeon Mastering.

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