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Prismite's Bio

Race: Fat-Man
Classes/Levels: MovieBuff(7), Gamer(10), TechSupport(3)
Gender: Male
Size: XXX Large!
Age: 34
Special Abilities: Insult Wars, Useless Knowledge & Trivia Master, Instant Humor
Skills: Common Sense, Computers & Electronics, General Academia
Alignment: CN
Location: The Woods of Kirk
Languages: English, Cisco
Occupation: Network Engineer

STR: 11
DEX: 15
CON: 10
INT: 16
WIS: 18
CHR: 15


Insult Wars:(Ex)
At any given moment this fat guy is capable of starting, joining and maintaining a verbal conflict consisting of playful insults that may or may not be appropriate. Targets that fail their save will be shaken until he apologizes for going too far.

Useless Knowledge & Trivia Master:(Ex)
This Fat-man’s ability to store knowledge of the obscure or to maintain a mental database of useless facts is uncanny. Denizens of the universe that attempt to play trivia with this individual automatically suffer double penalties unless the category is Sports, in which case they receive double the bonus.

Instant Humor:(Su)
The ability to see humor in any/everything is like water for this creature. Regardless of the location or time of day, this creature is capable of finding humor in the moment. Creatures appalled by the awkward timing of his laughter may make 1 free Attack of Opportunity on the Fat-mans pride and dignity, but at a -4 penalty.

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