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Our 5th session was an outstanding success and we welcomed yet another new member to our group!

London NWOD’s 6th session (yes, our 5th session!) will be held on the 24/03/2013, between 13:00 GMT +0:00 (1PM in the UK) to 15:00 GMT +0:00 (3PM in the UK). London NWOD is based at The Pirate Castle, which is located in Camden Town in North-West London.

If you are interested in attending, email us as soon as possible at [email protected] . I will provide directions and other details to you once your email has been received. We welcome experienced gamers and new players alike! Players MUST be 18+ (safety and security reasons). Our group plays any and all official New World of Darkness templates currently available (e.g. Vampire, Werewolf, Mage), as well as recently released and future templates (e.g. Mummy, Demon).

A £2 contribution towards the booking fee for the venue is required which you can — and must — pay on the date of the session. All contributions are collected at the start of the session (or on your arrival if for any reason you are late) and are then deposited at the venue directly at the end of the session.

If you know anyone at all who would also be interested in joining this group, you are welcome to bring them along to the session (provided they also contribute £2 on the day). If you are bringing someone along, please can you provide us with their contact details — with their permission, of course.

That’s it for now. I look forward to seeing you at our next session!


I just wanted to say that I really appreciated the game yesterday.
I’ve not seen that style of game done very well before and you carried the day nicely. […]
Just wanted to send some thanks

— J.W

That was fun!

— S.J (One of our newest members)

I love roleplaying and i really enjoy coming to london NWOD because they get what rpgs are about. […]
I missed out on a whole extra week of skiing and snowboarding because I missed the group and the people there too much!

— M.L (We couldn’t believe it either!)

It was the right level of mystery and the way that ghost/shadow creature was stalking us,
I could really feel the suspense. Superb game mate.

— P.N.C (A new member from our 5th session)

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