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Rachiev ran away from Russian upper middle class family (darker, militant, smokey lifestyle, distinct maroons and darker reds) when he was eleven or twelve years old. He decided that the black-and-white, predetermined lifestyle was too predictable and, given a certain predestination with nature or a distinct curiosity of it, decided to take an understanding of a family (and social situations) and build on more of a street smarts/nature background.

Rachiev acquired his class in combining his upbringing and the knowledge he acquired through observational and social/hierarchal behaviors throughout various life adventures. He’s a self-taught rogue.

Rachiev acquired his starting equipment largely by assembling it piece by piece, doing tasks and chores for others (in transition between towns and nature) and has learned to make the necessary minor repairs to keep things in working condition.

The worst event in Rachiev’s life has to do with a scheme where he became overconfident (and blinded himself) to being set up. He found himself within inches of his life and realized a specific personal flaw-an inherent lack of wisdom in how he’s made up.

Rachiev’s made it a point to work his lack of wisdom into shapeshifting abilities-his demeanor becomes all the more convincing in situations where he doesn’t even completely understood his eventual goal-unable to slip up.

The best thing that’s ever happened to Rachiev came in the form of a self-realization. He realized a certain balance between civilization (“the tamed”) and nature (“the untamed”) and the many places where these two overlap. Using very slight alterations, he’s become someone who can make slight tweaks to inflections in his voice, appearance, and supposed motives and sway other’s actions and ideas to those which, ultimately, seem most appealing.

Rachiev felt that, in running away from home, it wasn’t that his family had done anything wrong but that his time with them left nothing else to be accomplished or desired. Ultimately, his running away would present him with situations where he would become a more versed and well-rounded individual. He believed if his family ever got word of his happenings they would understand. In remaining at home Rachiev would be predestined to an easy, oftentimes unrewarding, lifestyle of unexciting, repeated activities and situations with no real possibility of personal growth. Initially, he looked back on the decision he’d made and questioned the validity of his choice. Each time, he’d end up determining that the end result was justified. In having the freedom to learn at one’s own pace and, once a particular location or situation lacked enthusiasm, having the ability to relocate to newer, different situations and growing as a person ended up being more than worth its weight.

Rachiev no longer keeps in touch with his family and ultimately believes that they understand why he chose to leave home. He’s not aware if they know anything about his current exploits or even if he’s alive.

At one point in his adventures Rachiev spent a significant amount of time around goblins and largely taught himself to speak their language.

Rachiev has learned to use similar methods to the art of fortune-telling as well as hypnotism in order to convince others of his motives. In conversation, he will first ask a couple of generalized psychological questions or queries (gauging responses and body language.) A fair amount of the time this technique works successfully to his advantage even if not always in a completely logical way. Ultimately, Rachiev will proceed to act in social situations as seems fit to gain said objectives.

Rachiev has become known for taking calculated risks.

Rachiev is tallish and has some muscle (from life experiences more than any sort of military training.) He is male, in his late twenties to early thirties in human years. In order to get a better idea of Rachiev’s character one could take certain cues from Aragorn from Lord of the Rings (a darkness, street smart, weathered character), Sawyer from Lost (a character with experience from life’s trials), Sweeney Todd (a sense of darkness and sometimes mania), Captain Jack Sparrow (a sense of street smarts, quirkiness and the ability to manipulate at the drop of a hat,) as well as Robin Hood (with a certain peevishness or the ability to strive for a greater good.)

Rachiev’s skin appears that he’s been out in the sun and/or nature for a given amount of time but can also be perceived more or less “normal” depending on the amount of light in a given location.

Rachiev’s hair is a brownish grey. He has hazel eyes with a sense of familiarity to those he comes into contact with.

He may or may not have scars but none are visible while he wears clothes/armor. His hair is capable of being quickly prepared to appear more normal though more often appears as if he’s been out in nature.

Rachiev has strong posture for someone who’s learned to live (and sleep) outdoors for long periods of time and can still blend in with a crowd of townspeople if the situation requires it.


Rachiev identifies most with the following deities (but has a certain knack for feigning allegiences with other deities should the need arise):

Avandra- Good. God of change. Delights in freedom, trade, travel, adventure, the frontier. “God of luck”

“Luck favors the bold”-Take your fate into your own hands. Fight back against those who would rob you of your freedom and urge others to fight for their own liberty. Change is inevitable but it takes the work of the faithful to ensure change is for the better.

Loun- Unaligned. God of knowlege, skill and prophecy. Those who revere her live by their knowlege and mental power. Seek the perfection of your mind by bringing reason, perception, and emotion into balance with one another.

Accumulate, preserve, and distribute knowledge in all forms. Pursue education, build libraries, seek out lost and ancient lore.

Be watchful at all times for the followers of Vecna who seek to control knowledge and keep secrets. Oppose their schemes, unmask their secrets, and blind them with the light of truth and reason.

**Melora- Unaligned. God of the wilderness and the sea.

*Both peaceful forrest, the raging whirlpool, and the quiet desert. Rangers, hunters and elves revere her.

-Protect the wild places of the world from destruction and overuse-oppose the rampant spread of cities and empires.

Hunt abhorrent monsters and other abominations of nature.

Do not fear or condemn the savagery of nature-live in harmony with the wild.

**Sehanine-Unaligned. God of the moon and Autumn. Patron of trickery and illusions. Close ties to Corellon and Melora; a favorite deity among elves and halflings. God of love-sends shadows to cloak lover’s trysts. Scouts and thieves ask for her blessing on their work.

-Follow your goals and seek your own destiny
-Keep to the shadows, avoiding the blazing light of zealous good and the utter darkness of evil.
-Seek new horizons and new experiences and let nothing tie you down

Some might call Rachiev a “brute, miscreant, rapscallion, rascal, scamp, or reprobate.”

“He’s a lovable old rogue.”

A mischievous person.

A dire straight from Rachiev might be something along the lines of “It’s not so much that I smell as other people smell me…that’ll blow my cover.”

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