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*Well met…

I have been gaming since the 1980’s. I have played multiple game systems, but have always come back to my favorite, Dungeons and Dragons.

I enjoy making different characters and then playing them as I have envisioned them.

*I do have a few restrictions on when I play due to my work schedule. I am availabel on Wed and Thur nights only. My only restriction to what I will play is NO 4E D&D, tried it and didn’t like it. Other than that, I will give most anything else a shot. I do have my most current experiences playing D&D 3.5, but I also have the books for Pathfinder and would love to start playing what is affectionately known as D&D 3.75.

I look forward to hearing back from somebody with a campaign who needs a non-Power Gamer that enjoys playing unique characters.


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