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I am GMing a 2nd edition game which is open to the public now, we are always looking for new and interested players in the olden style of the game. I have played 5th edition and the 3.0 variants, but our longstanding group members tend to like 2nd edition for the structure of the roleplaying information for race, class, and above all, the rules. The story, yours and the group, and the world around it, is what matters. People focused on themselves can play video games at home; DnD is a social game requiring many people to take roles within an adventuring group to collectively solve the problem at hand.

My game is about the group, and the story. We welcome people that are interested in adding to it. Everyone is equal, welcome, and the min-maxing is left at the door.

If you are looking for fun, say hello!

Email ‘[email protected]’ for more information.

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