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Miguel Lecarde
Age:27 Level:6 Height:6’0" Weight:190lbs.(With Cyber-Armor) Alignment:Scrupulous P.P.E.:24 S.D.C.;84 HP;47 EXP:30,600 Money:5,000 credits(He will NOT sell any pre-rifts items he may have)
IQ:14 ME:22 MA:12 PS14 PE:22 PP:13 PB:20 Spd:24
O.C.C. Skills;Languages;Spanish,English and Demongogian(85/90/85% respectively) Literacy:Spanish and English(70%) Lore:Demon&Monster(70%) Lore:Magic&Ley Lines (65%) Lore:Psychic&Psionics(60%) Sing(75%) Play musical instrument:Guitar(75%) Basic math(85%) Radio:basic(80%) Computer operation(75%) Track humanoids(65%) Land Navigation(66%) Wilderness Survival(65%) Optic Systems(70%) Horsemanship(70%)
O.C.C. Related Skills:Armorer(70%) Basic Mechanics(Comes with Armorer;75%) Pilot:Motorcycle(80%) Pilot:Automobile(70%)Computer Programming(50%)
Secondary skills:Boxing,Running and Cooking(60%)
Weapon Proficiencies:Automatic Pistol,Automatic&Semi-automatic Rifles,Energy Rifle and pistol,knife and sword

Cybernetics/Bionics:Bionic hand&arm with silver-plated retractable claws,hydraulic stake driver and sensor hand,Universal Headjack&Ear Implant with special augmentation(Radio transmitter&receiver),Psionic Electromagnetic Dampers and Cyber-Armor(A.R.16;MDC:50)

Silver-plated vibro-sword
Silver-plated vibro-knife
.44 Automag(Do ya feel lucky,punk?)Damage:5D6 HP/SDC;Payload:8 round clip;Effective Range:164 feet
Heckler&Koch G3 rifle:Damage:5D6 HP/SDC;Payload:20 round clip;Rate of fire(cyclic);500 rounds/minute;Payload;20 round clip
Ceramic water shotgun(full size)
Wilk’s-Remi 157 pulse rifle:Damage;3D6+2MD or 1D6x10MD for 3 shot burst;Efferctive range:1800feet;payload:30 single shot e-clip
Wilk’s 237 laser pistol:Damage:3D6MD/one barrel or 6D6MD/both barrels;Effective range:500feet;payload:16 single shots Special:+2 to strike on an aimed shot
TW storm flares(x2)
TW Globe of Daylight flares(x4)
Plasma Grenades(x4)
10 clips of silver bullets for each gun,4 long e-clips and 4 clips of conventional ammo as well as a dozen wooden stakes and 2 silver daggers.
Items:Momano Headhunter package w/NG-S2 survival pack,toiletries,flash drive with NES,Playstation1 and Super Nintendo emulators with ALL roms for each,several discs with anime,action and horror movies,Bible,medium crucifix,garlic necklace,silver crucifix necklace,4 vials of holy water(can very easily acquire more),combat boots,several changes of clothes,mp3 player(or Rifts equivalent thereof),acoustic and electric guitars and small amp,
black leather duster,armored gloves(SDC-based;he came through with them) and biker-style leather jacket,several notebooks,sticky notes,pens,pencils and highlighters,gasoline and matches(for burning staked vamps)

TW Glittermount
Highway-Man motorcycle with the laser swapped out for a water cannon and cross floodlight

Miguel’s saga
Miguel Lecarde is descended from a few generations of vampire hunters ever since his great grandfather Eric Lecarde helped to stop the resurrection of Dracula amid the chaos of World War I. He was born in Boston after his parents had come to the US from their hometown of Segovia,Spain. He was a Boy Scout and also took martial arts as well as played different sports through high school. After he graduated,he did a tour of duty in the Marine Corps. This was all to train his mind and body to carry on the tradition of protecting mankind from a threat which it believed only existed in folklore and movies. He worked as a mechanic as well as well as playing around the state with his nu-metal band called Horror in a Skyscraper. In reality,this was only his cover. He was dedicated to a higher purpose. He suppressed what few outbreaks did occur around the New England area. These outbreaks were merely a diversion while a master vampire quietly created a legion of the undead so that a vampire intelligence could take up residence in the White Mountains. Miguel,his father and a few other believers who knew how to battle the undead were able drive the drive the bloodsuckers out of nearby small towns and killed the Demon Familiar at tremendous cost. They were at the intelligence’s doorstep when it escaped through a dimensional portal. Miguel volunteered to follow it and intercept,only to arrive in a wasteland of terror where a vampire plague the likes of which he only saw in his darkest nightmares was a reality! He got right to work trying to suppress new outbreaks as best he could. This earned him a base in an active Catholic church where he could study,pray and live unmolested by the darkness beyond its consecrated grounds. It was only his strong Christian faith and commitment to higher ideals which have given him the courage to continue his work in this new and horrific world. His work was noticed by high ranking members of Reid’s Rangers and was welcomed into their ranks. At first,it seemed like a perfect overlap of purpose and he had made several friends,his closest being Mii-Tar the Destroyer. He would protect Mii-Tar from less ethical Rangers who would try to take advantage of his good nature and naivete’. Unlike Mii-Tar,however,Miguel refused to turn a blind eye to the despicable acts of some of the rangers,as well as Dr.Reid’s deteriorating sanity and his bizarre experiments and torture of the undead. After he had all he could stomach(which wasn’t much),he just got on his motorcycle and rode off.(Note:he came to Rifts Earth from an alternate Earth in the early 80’s when he was born to 2000 when he followed the vampire intelligence through the portal.)

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