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Now an eccentric recluse, I publish digitally because it’s easier from my mountaintop fortress in Nepal. I have a harem of heavily armed first readers, and an army of bloodthirsty, opium-addicted, yetis who keep the children off my lawn. I subsist on a diet of mercury, sulfur, arsenic salts, and cheese.
Allegations that I am a master of Sinanju and a former leader of the World Crime League remain unproven. The Patent Office lost all records of my inventing the interocitor, the Mr. Fusion home reactor, the flux capacitor, or the oscillation overthruster.
I am a past winner of National Novel Writing Month. I have written for, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game, Pathfinder, Star Wars, Dark*Matter, and d20 Modern.

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