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I’m not a rules lawyer. I’m not a power gamer. I’m not a min-maxer. I don’t nit-pic about every little stat block or sub-rule. I don’t focus on getting the phat lewt or care about maximizing XP gain. To me, it’s not about the numbers. The story is King.

I am a storyteller.

I try to make gaming sessions an experience. From lighting to props to background music to voice-acting, I feel gaming should be an event; every session an important chapter in the lives of the characters. If you are a rules lawyer, you might not be at home in my games; I tend to bend and even ignore rules that blatantly interfere with the progress of the story. If you’re a power-gamer or a min-maxer, you might find my sessions somewhat dull and combat too short. But if you are like me and feast upon good stories well told or have a bit of a flare for the dramatic, you would be welcome at my gaming table.

Who will you be for our adventures? What story do you wish to tell? I will push your character’s to their limits, exploring their personal strengths and weaknesses, stretching their psyche. They will face challenges both great and small. They may not survive. But through them, we can grow and explore possibilities within ourselves we hadn’t considered. We’ll explore the great and terrible possibilities of “What If”…

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