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As a child I watched my father set up every other weekend for people who I came to consider family. Looking over his shoulder I would peer at his masterful plans, and I would find myself enthralled with the meticulous painting and artistry he would give his adventurers to play. I longed to join the game as my mother and our friends transformed into their magical selves.. seeing storytelling and game play as one unit.

It was years before I was permitted to sit at the table, and 2 versions later before I became a regular gamer myself, but it was coded in the DNA.

These days I have played several D10 and D20 systems, my favorites for various reasons remain Vampyre, Pathfinder, and Serenity. I love character driven plot for the chance to explore intergroup dynamics, and DM/Campaign plot for the sheer enjoyment factor.

Most recent character is Drigka Gusyva, a half-orc bard/barbarian from Iobaria. Her strength and sense of humor are assets to the campaign.

I’d love to try out playing changeling in addition to the other campaigns I’m running in.

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