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To most people on the street, the Man would seem to be a more-or-less commonplace bloke; sometimes shabby, sometimes trendy, oftentimes nothing more than a friendly face in your local crowd. Occasionally seen in the company of both intellectuals and scoundrels, high and low, hither and yon, in any combination. Most often, an aura of calm and sometimes a little giddyness follow in his wake. For those who have seen him before, he seems to consistently enjoy fresh air and conversation, anytime, anywhere.

For those others though… well, nothing completely outright sinister so much as occasionally… baffling. The very well read and the fairly long lived might have cause to recognize him in his many guises over the years; anyone who’s bothered to piece together a few bits of the puzzle would find that miracles and exorcisms follow in his wake, and that he has lived the span, at least, of two handfuls of human lifetimes.
No one can say with any accuracy as to his proper name, and he has quite the collection of them following him throughout history and the world over; still, given any chance, he prefers a low profile. It’s a known fact that sometimes reliable Yeti sightings become more frequent.
Slightly more frequent, when you know who to ask, are the wild yet tantalizing rumours of haunted legacies, cursed boddhisattvas, earth shattering magics; as well as of afternoon tea with djinn caliphs, archangels, succubi princesses, and the last surviving dragon emporer.

Whatever and whoever he is, it does seem that he has a reputation for altruism, pontification, and occasionally mischief. Still, his heart seems in the right place, if you discount that thing about roads to hell and good intentions….

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