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Enjoy food, wine & spirits, Shakespeare, films and TV, travel, theater, firearms enthusiast, amateur formula car racer [retired], fencing, and my beagle Wembley. Happily married to fun, sexy redhead and Princeton Tiger. Daddy to a newborn girl of unsurpassed cuteness.

Cthulhu, Legend of the Five Rings (L5R), Iron Kingdoms, Pathfinder, Old School D&D, Aces & Eights, and Warmachine/Hordes (Trollbloods), Warhammer Fantasy.

Story is king. ROLE-playing over rollplaying. Enjoy mix of good narrative, opportunities for in-character interaction, investigation, and problem solving. That said, I am a craps player so I love the rattlin’ the bones and holding my breath to read the pips. Feed off enthusiasm and players who help their tablemates shine.

Gainful Employment
Client relations, project management, process redesign for a Fortune 500 financial services company.