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I’ve been gaming since I was 15. One of my friends got me started on Shadowrun. We played each day during lunch for about 45min with longer sessions on the weekends. When I went to college I got into D&D which I played about twice a week. Now that I work full time I’ve played in a number of different groups about once a week. As I mentioned I started out on Shadowrun, since then I’ve played D&D 2-4 eds, BESM, Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Rifts, Mechwarrior, Nightbane, Gurps, Star Trek, Star Wars, Cyberpunk, “D20”, Ironclaw, Pathfinder, Burning Wheel, and two custom systems. I love to play but since I work different hours I’ve had a hard time finding a group. I am a committed player. I don’t ditch out on campaigns and will show up on time and ready to play! (Had some bad experiences with sessions getting canceled because players weren’t showing up or came a few hours late all the time). Due to the difficulty of finding a group to join I’ve been GMing on a regular basis. I now have 4 solid years of GM experience with one game that lasted about a year and a half (Pathfinder to be exact). At Pax East 2010 I learned about a game called Burning Wheel and picked up the books. I’m currently working on learning the system now and hope to eventually DM for a small group.

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