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There is always a temptation to be clever in these “Bio” sections…

I’ve been gaming for 25 years regularly, at first mostly as player, but recently more and more as just GM. My interests range from fantasy to hard sci-fi, with a smidgen of modern mystery. And while I think superhero games have their place, they aren’t for me unless tightly controlled. People tend to get silly when they can fly and punch through schools.

When I do get to play, I will first work to fill roles not taken by others, but given my druthers, I take the mad tinkerer or researcher position. I can play the heavy front liner or big damage dealer, but I enjoy playing the utility or tactical character more.

My system tastes are pretty scattered: Earthdawn, Shadowrun, Palladium Fantasy, BESM, Savage Worlds, Eclipse Phase, GURPS, and the occasional D&D game (Any Version), and loads more. I tend to like long running campaigns, but the occasional one shot is always fun.

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