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Name: Isawa Zabuza
Height: 5’4"
Description: Unasuming in look, a bookish man, thin with a hawkish nose
Clan: Phoenix
Class: Shugenja

Bio: A rising star in the Isawa family, born with an inherit connection to the earth Kami. Initiated into the Tensai school at an early age, unknown to Zabuza he was being kept under the watchful gaze of Isawa Sachi the elemental master of earth as one of a handful of possible replacements for him in the coming years. From an early age Zabuza seemed to live a charmed life, mastering whatever his sensei taught him with diligence and patience until one day while speaking to the fire kami during a lesson he lost control, his sensei and 2 other students were killed and several more injured before the fires were under control. The elemental masters would not allow Zabuza sepuku as they could not blame Zabuza for the fire, they believed they were also at fault for not seeing the fire Kami’s anger at the young shugenjas hubris.
Unsure of his future as a shugenja Zabuza now sees his life as meaningless unsure why the fire kami spared his life when they took the lives of those around him.
When word reached him that volenteers were being looked for to discreetly leave phoenix lands to join Yoritomo to battle the creatures of the shadowlands Zabuza jumped at the oppertunity knowing it meant either redeption or death.


Disadvantage: Compulsion; learn new spells. Elemental imbalance lvl2 (Fire)
Advantage: Luck level 1; Blessing of fukurokojin; Voice; Blessing of elements (Earth)
Anchestor: Free raise on all earth spells, roll 1k1 extra on spells vs shadowlands creatures


Earth: 4
Stamina; 4
Willpower; 4

Water; 2
Strenght; 2
Perception; 2

Fire: 2
Agility; 2
Intellengce; 2

Air; 2
Reflexes; 2
Awarness; 2

Void: 3

Skills; Calligraphy, Meditation, Shintao, Theology, Lore-Heraldry, History, Spellcraft, Shadowlands lore

Spells : Tetsubo of earth, Jade strike, elemental ward, fires of the forge, Path to inner Peace, Heart of nature

Honor 3.3
Glory 6.0
Status: 1.0

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