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I am a long time gamer, 20+years in many different systems. I’m an active duty service member in the U.S. Navy, and a professional artist that has recently returned from hiatus.

I do custom character commissions, and you can see my work and stuff (albeit limited to what’s in sketchbooks) at
As a pointed note, when it comes to art, I am a traditionalist. My pencils are pencils. My inks are Staedtler pigment liners. My colors are Prismacolor markers. I am not stellar with photoshop, and limit it’s use to clean up and color sharpening.

Shameless self promotion out of the way, I run a modified Forgotten Realms, lately in 3.5, but I have a soft spot still for 2E. I run via AIM at the moment, as my military service makes it difficult to form new table top groups and keep them for very long. Being that I run on AIM, I’m happy to talk to prospective new players, but I must warn you, my campaigns are not for beginners. They are dangerous in more ways than one, from monsters, to crime, to drugs, to political intrigue, even treacherous weather and the occasional divine interference. I am a firm believer in consequence and I have no fear of killing PCs. By the same token, I reward wise decisions and good character development. I will tug at your character’s emotions, in many directions. So send me a message if you’re up for an immersive gaming experience that will get your creative juices flowing, and I’ll introduce you to the world of the Paradox.

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