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Severa is a young-ish looking Tiefling who has a very happy and childlike disposition. The first thing people usually notice about her is the reddish tint to her skin, her long tail, the short horns which lay along the side of her head, but most of all, her wide (and very genuine) smile. For those who become her friends, she is fiercely loyal. To those with a particularly perceptive eye, they may notice that the brightness behind her eyes may falter for just a moment at the mention of certain things. However, in the blink of an eye that moment has passed and one would wonder if Severa herself even notices. Even those who may not be quite as perceptive will certainly come to learn her love of “shiny” things. The “shiny” can range from coins to jewels to amulets and quite possibly things that may land her and those around her in a heap of trouble. Even so, her agile movements and quick strikes with daggers can usually handle anything she gets herself (and pulls others) into.

There is much more to find out about this Tiefling, to be sure. Severa may seem naive and silly on the surface, but everyone has a past…

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