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Joe Adams has been a writer/producer/director for underground papers in the 1960s, Pacifica Radio in the 1970s, stage in the 1970s and 1980s, and in the 1990s was introduced to RPG. He became a source of new material for SKYREALMS OF JORUNE, although he also has enjoyed several pulp, fantasy and science fiction settings.

His focus for RPGs has been the SKYREALMS OF JORUNE game, with professional contributions to third edition (author of THE SHOLARI GUIDE, VOYAGE OF THE AYLONG STAR, THE SOBAYID ATLAS and co-author of GIRE OF SILLIPUS), and as a fan-editor for SHOLARI MAGAZINE (3 issues), JOURNAL OF THE TANSOOR HISTORICAL SOCIETY and GOMO GUIDE TO THONEPORT. He is currently completing his second novel and his final contributions to the Jorune mythos.

ORFA – One Roll Fits All – is a gaming system developed specifically for Joe’s Jorune campaigns, and is now available as a standalone system. 1d20 decides the confontation with a resolution (success or failure) and the degree of that resolution. A second roll can provide hit location, if not pre-determined. All calculations are made prior to the roll, which will include named skills, racial modifiers, armor and modifiers based on previous rolls. The result is combat is fast and deadly – the narrative moves foward.

Basic ORFA is a 5-stat game. The Jorune ORFA conversion has 12-Stats to follow construction of the 3rd Edition game with errata.

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